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“I have worked on several tours with Pete and am very familiar with his work produced whilst we have been on the road with Stereophonics and Michael McIntyre, amongst others. He is an exceptional Photographer and Videographer, with an remarkable eye for shot composition as well as possesing all the technical skills requiremed to create truly special stills and video footage."


Niel Mcdonald (Production Manager, Micheal McIntyre, Radiohead, Lattitude Festival,)

"Since Pete Hayes burst onto the scene last year with his thoughtful, touching and powerful life-on-the-road portraits the rest of us have realised we have to up our game." 


Steve Price(Video/director, Queen, Bastille, Mumford & sons)

"he has the rare and innate ability to see light, the briefest glance at his work backs this up. As well as this I particularly admire the way he is able to capture a person’s personality and let it shine through. whether the portraits are of those I am familiar with or the people he photographs in cities across Europe, you always get a sense of the person within. Everyone can take a photo, it takes real skill to take a good one. Peter is lucky, he  takes great ones".


Willis Spencer(Touring Video director, west TV, Lee Evens,

Rod Stewart,Micheal McIntyre)